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Accessory Reviews
Mystique Ice Hose Tip 2.0

Mystique Ice Hose Tip 2.0 Hookah Accessory Review

The verdict is that this is a great hookah accessory for the ultimate cooling effect.
Admin Rating:40%
User Rating:

One would have to go through all the pains of getting ice cubes filled as the base for the hookah in the hookah apparatus and … Connect More »

Hookah Accessories

Hookah Accessories: Know What You Need

Hookah Accessories: Common Variants
Admin Rating:80%
User Rating:

Did you know that the hookah nomenclature can often prove to be pretty confusing? While some would call the hookah smoking flavor “shisha”, others would … Connect More »

Should you buy hookah accessories online?

Should you buy hookah Accessories online?

Hookah Accessories: Benefits of Buying Online
Admin Rating:80%
User Rating:

Hookah smoking is a truly innovative practice and smokers improvise several ways to make it more and more enticing! Did you know that some prefer … Connect More »

Charcoal Reviews

Social Smoke Japanese Style Hookah Charcoal Review

Wonderfully Woody Social Smoke Japanese Style Charcoal
Admin Rating:80%
User Rating:

If you like your hookah session to have a slightly woody effect, without completely distracting you from the hookah tobacco flavor, Social Smoke Japanese Style … Connect More »

Coco Nara 108 Piece Flat Hookah Coals

Clear and Crisp Coconara Natural Hookah Coals Review

We have come across the best and the most distinct hookah coals, Coco Nara Hookah Coals.
Admin Rating:40%
User Rating:

We have come across the best and the most distinct of flavors for hookah tobacco and accessories but the coal can mean all the difference between a … Connect More »

Quality Hookah Charcoals

Why are Natural Variants Preferred?

Natural Hookah charcoals provide for a pure smoking session
Admin Rating:80%
User Rating:

If you thought buying just about any variant of hookah coal would suffice, think again! Variants like barbecue charcoal for instance, could be especially harmful … Connect More »

Burning Hookah Charcoal

Essential Qualities to Seek

Hookah Charcoal-Choosing the best charcoal for your hookah
Admin Rating:70%
User Rating:

Hookah Coal: Essential Qualities to Look For If you are considering adding milk to your hookah juices in a bid to produce more smoke, it … Connect More »

Hookah Reviews
decloud-watermelon review

Decloud Watermelon Fruit Shisha

first you will feel the taste of juicy watermelon, then flavor smoothly passes into the sweet tones of summer berries: strawberries and raspberries, blackberries, blueberries.
Admin Rating:80%
User Rating:

Fruit vapor from Decloud is a new avenue in hookah business. I must admit the fact that many people like smoking hookah, however, they are … Connect More »

Mya Hookah one hose

Mya Hookah Review

What’s So Special about Mya Ballerina Hookahs
Admin Rating:50%
User Rating:

The Mya Ballerina hookahs might make you wonder whether the hookah get up and dance or whether one session with this apparatus would turn you … Connect More »

may hookah four hoes

Mya Hookah #2 Review

Popular Types of Mya Hookah
Admin Rating:40%
User Rating:

Hookahs have been a popular social activity in the Middle East and Asia for hundreds of years. The Mya Saray hookahs have been known for … Connect More »

Egyptian Hookah one hose

Know Your Egyptian Hookah

Know Your Authentic Egyptian Hookah
Admin Rating:40%
User Rating:

So, why buy an authentic Egyptian hookah? If you want to enjoy a centuries-old Middle Eastern tradition that has been able to sustain its popularity … Connect More »

Lounge Reviews

Zen Hookah Lounge TX 77450

Zen Hookah Lounge is located in 21821 Katy Fwy, Katy, TX 77450
Admin Rating:60%
User Rating:

An escape from Reality. A calm enviroment to study and socialize with family and friends. Conveniently located off I-10 between Mason Road and Westgreen Boulevard, … Connect More »

Tobacco Reviews

Nirvana Sex Monkey Hookah Tobacco Review

" I can’t quite figure out what’s in it but I can taste some type of strawberry maybe. "
Admin Rating:36%
User Rating:

I’m smoking sex monkey right now and I really can’t figure out the taste, its like a mix of so many fruity things I can’t … Connect More »


Nirvana Spanish Fly Hookah Tobacco Review

". The taste itself was of peach and watermelon, mixed with something hard to place."
Admin Rating:60%
User Rating:

Dictated by the unbiased Vee Wafflez. During our first crack at opening this shisha; we smelled a sweet fruity smell. The smell was leaning closely to … Connect More »


Nirvana WTF Alice hookah tobacco review

The flavor itself isn't really bad but it’s not something amazing either, overall I’d say it’s a slightly above average all around and is something you should try at least once for a unique spin on a floral type flavor.
Admin Rating:60%
User Rating:

“taste more like rose then anything but had some type of a minty hint to it, maybe even a very light berry.” I’m smoking Nirvana … Connect More »


Nirvana shisha Schnozberry hookah tobacco review

This flavor is so light that it needs to be tasted with a clean palette, if done the flavor comes to light; and is quite enjoyable
Admin Rating:60%
User Rating:

“Light berry flavor that contains an accent of mint… Overall, I find this flavor a great flavor to sit down and chill out with.” This … Connect More »


Al Waha Rose tobacco review

" This smells taste like Rose, Smells like Rose so much that I had to double check."
Admin Rating:80%
User Rating:

Dictated by the unbiased Vee Wafflez & M. Streeter There are rare flavors that surprise you with how similar the smell and taste is, this … Connect More »

E-hookah Reviews

Hookah Wand Purple Punch Review

“Distinct flavor of soft and sweet mixed berries.."
Admin Rating:66%
User Rating:

Dictated by the unbiased Vee Wafflez. After taking a hit of the Purple Punch vapor pen by Hookah Wand, I tasted a distinct flavor of … Connect More »

irish peach

Starbuzz Irish peach hookah pen review

"It had the taste of fruit and burning wood it had a hot and harsh taste ."
Admin Rating:56%
User Rating:

Today I smoked the Starbuzz Irish peach hookah pen and I have to say I wasn’t very impressed with it. It had the taste of … Connect More »


Fantasia 4 play E-hookah Review

"It had the taste of a pink pez right after you first bite down into it."
Admin Rating:78%
User Rating:

“It had the taste of a pink pez right after you first bite down into it.” I want to start off with saying the fantasia … Connect More »

Fantasia Washington apple ehookah

Fantasia Washington Apple Ehookah Review

Fantasia Washington Apple Ehookah is made for those who enjoy apple flavor. If you wish to know how it tastes, open a bottle of Snapple apple flavor.
Admin Rating:86%
User Rating:

What does apple typically taste like? Black licorice always black licorice. It never fails to taste exactly like black licorice until now! Fantasias Washington apple … Connect More »


E Hookah

How Enjoyable are E-Hookahs?
Admin Rating:30%
User Rating:

Hookahs have graced social gathering for eons, starting out in the Middle East and then moving out to gain popularity across the world. Today, people … Connect More »