Best Web Browsers: Alternative Web Browsers You need to Try

At least 90 % of Internet users look at web with Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer. In addition to these famous web browsers, there are plenty of additional options which can be certainly worth a look. Choosing the most beneficial one depends on your special preferences. The majority of these less popular web browsers come with a wide range of features plus add-ons which are not out there anywhere else.

SRWare Iron

Also called the browser on the feature, SRWare Iron is a superb substitute for Google Chrome. It actually has exactly the same capabilities as Chrome but without its security problems. This browser is available for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Max, and Linux. Chrome extensions and themes will do the job on SRWare Iron.


Flock is the best choice for social media users. brave browser review was made specifically to make to manage your social networking activities easier. It combines social network sites services such as Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and others. Because it’s developed on Firefox three, it supports most Firefox extensions. The main feature of its is a social network savvy sidebar with interactive buttons for keeping track of all the social networking profiles of yours.


SeaMonkey is an open source cross platform Internet suite filled with a web browser, a feed reader, HTML editor, email client, and web development tools. This internet browser is a good option for business web and people builders. The web browser at the core of the SeaMonkey suite utilizes the same software platform as Mozilla Firefox. HTML note support, a dictionary, and spam mail detection is included by mail features.


Lunascape may be the only triple engine internet browser in the world. This web browser utilizes three engines: Trident (used in Microsoft Internet Explorer), WebKit (used in Google Chrome and Apple Safari), and Gecko (used in Mozilla Firefox). More than 20 million people have downloaded it. When you’re repeatedly trying new browsers, Lunascape might be exactly what you need to have. The browser features experienced yet easy-to-use interfaces and supports the wide range of Firefox add-ons.


Maxthon is a complete featured browser that will come with a tabbed document interface, custom skins, automatic updates, programmable mouse gestures, and a person extensible search toolbar. This web browser features a sophisticated ad obstructing software which usually blocks pop ups, floating ads, and banners in website pages. Maxthon applies importance on protection. Users have a chance to access more than 1,400 plug-ins , as well as a variety of menus, toolbars, in addition to URL aliases for faster surfing.

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