Correctly Managing Software Licenses

Did you understand that lots of companies will still be using a spreadsheet to keep monitor of their software licenses? Whether you’re a 10 person company or possibly a huge venture, software licenses are a company asset (and a rather under utilized one) and deserves better care.

Like many other business assets, licenses can as well as must be enhanced to extract much more value to the business of yours.

Optimizing licenses are able to help you lower your software costs by just renewing a program that you actually make use of, and more desirable plan for license renewal negotiations. It can enable you to remain compliant with license agreements by ensuring you have sufficient licenses for all the application which can be used across your organization.

To effectively enhance software licensing, a business needs to arrange its financial records (the licenses owned) with the inventory of its (software that is used). This could certainly be a challenge in today’s modern IT world, as soon as software inventory is rapidly changing as new computer systems are purchased and far more software gets installed. It gets to be an even larger challenge when you wish to optimize software licenses as part of the ongoing business process of yours, and never as a one-time event.

Certain IT Asset Management solutions are able to help you to improve your software licenses together with your IT Asset Management technique. These tools help you organize your software licenses in just one place, remind you when renewals are due, and easily correlate licenses to your inventory at any moment, so you know what you have and what you need. Other benefits include:

1. Organize licenses you possess in a centralized repository, keep track of proof-of-purchase, resellers as well as buy records.

2. Monitor renewal dates as well as notify you when license renewals are because of, so you can better plan for an upcoming negotiation, and simply renew whatever you need. You are able to also use the service to prepare and also consolidate a number of licenses into a single agreement as part of the renewal of yours.

3. Reconcile software licenses against existing inventory, to diagnose any under or perhaps over license situations. You want a tool which might help you reconcile the data of yours when your inventory changes, so you know your status at any time, and may integrate this technique into your IT Asset Management program.

Using an IT Asset Management device will help you eliminate the “license spreadsheet” and better regulate your software licenses as a business asset.


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