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The hookah connect page serves as your gateway to the world of hookah. Choose from the topics below to further enhance your knowledge about hookah, shisha, and hookah accessories. Whether it is the intangibles, such as hookah etiquette, or if you are simply looking for hookah safety tips, you can find it all on this page. Hookahnection has been designed to bring you the latest hookah reviews, however we simply refuse to be one-dimensional. Dive into the hookah connect page and stay connected to every element of your hookah.

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What is

A hookah is a type of water pipe. A water pipe is a pipe for smoking tobacco that utilizes water as a means of purifying the smoke and cooling the smoke. Who could typically consists of…. Connect More »

Hookah Lounge

Hookahs have roots in India, Central Asia and the Middle East. In all of those places, smoking a hookah is a very social activity. In fact, the number of hoses and the amount of Connect More »

Popularity of hookah

Hookahs are more popular today than they likely ever have been. Particularly near college campuses, hookah bars are popping up all over the place. There are quite a few… Connect More »

Hookah Safety

Make sure you have an ashtray nearby where you can place any stray embers that may escape the hookah while you’re lighting it. You’ll also need to be very certain that you’re using… Connect More »

Hookah Maintenance

Maintaining a hookah is actually enjoyable. These devices can be expensive, so it makes sense to take a bit of time now and then to give it a thorough cleaning and to check all the working parts…. Connect More »

Assemble and smoke hookah

In most cases, any hookah you buy will come put together for you. Even if this is the case, taking it apart and putting it back together is a good idea. It’s best to do this before… Connect More »

Hookah Parts

A hookah really is a rather complicated device. This is, in part, because of the way that the tobacco smoke is filtered through the water and distributed to a number of different smokers…. Connect More »

Hookah Traditions

Some etiquette goes along with hookah smoking that you should be aware of. Of course, whether or not you observe these is up to you and will depend upon how casual your smoking session is…. Connect More »