Three Everyday Carry (EDC) Prepper Items For Your Keychain In the event the SHTF

You do not have to be a “Doomsday Prepper” to recognize that it’s an excellent idea to have specific items along with you just in case of an urgent situation. Preppers and survivalists call these items the “EDC” of theirs (Every Day Carry) stuff. Based on how far you take emergency preparedness, your EDC pieces may fill your pocket, a tactical “man bag” or even perhaps a backpack in the trunk of the car of yours.

Let’s take a look at a very modest EDC system which can fit on your keychain and can prove to be a lifesaver if the SHTF (Sewage Hits the Fan) actually occurs in America.

Item one: P-38 Can Opener

This item weighs close to nothing, can be obtained at any Army surplus store or even out of doors or camping store, as well as weighs virtually nothing. It’s about the size of a tiny key, so it will not weigh down your keychain, but if you actually get yourself in a situation where you can can’t get home, it will quickly open up the canned goods that each and every sensible prepper ought to have in the trunk of his automobile.

Item 2: Flashlight / Kubotan

Having a small, penlight battery power flashlight on your keychain is a must. If there is a power outage, Murphy’s Law declares that it is going to happen at the worst possible period, so having a light on the keychain of yours could actually come in handy.

If you’re sensible and get an aluminum version, like an excellent mini-Maglite or even a Brinkman light source, then this can also become a Kubotan for self defense. that is a weapon for good fighting that you use to jab in someone’s ribs or neck or (well, that is an entire post series by itself!) to produce pain or even incapacitate an attacker long enough that you can get away safely.

The alternative point that this flashlight can do is break a car window in case you’re trapped and importance for getting away (or enter to recovery someone after a crash) in a hurry.

Beto Chaveiro RP : Leatherman Micra

Alright, a good deal of the preppers and survivalists will bristle at this suggestion, as they would already have a great multi tool on their belt to begin with. But, this is about tips for the top 3 things I would carry in the pocket of mine on a keychain, as well as in case you have this foundation covered one other way, every one of the better.

The awesome thing about a multi tool like a Leatherman is that it provides you with a sharp knife and several other options. Do not underestimate the usefulness of a multi tool; there are many backpacking survivalist types which adopt their Leatherman into the woods with them, and the biggest tool on the massive Leathermans is some pliers, that many wouldn’t imagine would be needed in the woods.

Now hopefully if you do not have already got an EDC strategy, this is going to give you a start, as well as you are able to get these 3 items for under fifty dolars total. The worst thing you are able to do would be to begin analyzing and looking at and get into the over analysis that leads to paralysis and wind up never working on anything.

The EDC kit that you’ve on you when disaster strikes is infinitely better that the right EDC kit that you never ever got around to assembling!

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